Alpro Gida has started its commercial activities in food and agriculture sector in year 2000. As Turkey is located in Eurasia, where the soil is agriculturally very generous, a big portion of her GNP consists of agricultural production and particularly from the production and sales of commodities such as sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, hazelnut oil, canola oil, safflower oil, soya bean oil, olive oil and margarine derived from mention edible oils.


Alpro Refined Sunflower Oil Products

Paket Çeşidi / Packing Type
Pet Ambalaj / Pet Bottle
Dolum Hacmi 0,5 L 1 L 2 L 5 L
Koli İçi Adet 24 / Ad/Pcs 12 / Ad/Pcs 6 / Ad/Pcs 4 / Ad/Pcs
Koli Net Ağırlık 10,92 Kg 10,92 Kg 10,92 Kg 18,02 Kg

Cam Ambalaj / Glass Bottle
Dolum Hacmi 0,25 L 0,50 L 0,75 L 1 L 3 L
Koli İçi Adet 24 / Ad/Pcs 12 / Ad/Pcs 12 / Ad/Pcs 12 / Ad/Pcs 4 / Ad/Pcs
Koli Net Ağırlık 5,46 Kg 5,46 Kg 8,19 Kg 10,92 Kg 10,92 Kg

Refined Sunflower Oil

Having plenty of unsaturated fat in its structure, it can be used as a nutrient. It is generally in a mild yellow color and almost odorless. Thanks to its low-level free fatty acid content and high-level vitamin-E content, it is very convenient for longer storage. It does not contain any cholesterol or trans fats. Due to its lighter taste, it is preferred to be used as cooking oil in the kitchens in all sort of meals and most commonly as frying oil due to its resistance to high temperature. Our sunflower oil is produced in a high-tech facility where its hygiene and process quality is very well documented.

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