Alpro Gida has started its commercial activities in food and agriculture sector in year 2000. As Turkey is located in Eurasia, where the soil is agriculturally very generous, a big portion of her GNP consists of agricultural production and particularly from the production and sales of commodities such as sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, hazelnut oil, canola oil, safflower oil, soya bean oil, olive oil and margarine derived from mention edible oils.


Alpro Patisserie Margarine Products

Çeşitlerimiz / Types
Kuruvasan Margarin / Croissant Margarine Krema Yağı / Cream Margarine
Pastalık Margarin / Pastry Margarine Tereyağ Aromalı Margarin / Flower Butter Margarine
Ambalaj / Packing
10 Kg Karton Koli 10 Kg Carton Box

Patisserie Margarine

It gives tremendous results in the production of all sort of bakery and pastry products from sweet to salty biscuits, all sorts of cakes, croissants, brioche, etc. With its flexible structure, it provides superior performance especially in leaven.

Delays staling and increase the shelf life of the finished product. It easily integrates with the dough and gives products a distinctive taste with its special formulation.

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