Alpro Gida has started its commercial activities in food and agriculture sector in year 2000. As Turkey is located in Eurasia, where the soil is agriculturally very generous, a big portion of her GNP consists of agricultural production and particularly from the production and sales of commodities such as sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, hazelnut oil, canola oil, safflower oil, soya bean oil, olive oil and margarine derived from mention edible oils.


GLİSERİN (gliserol)

Glycerin is a polar organic trihydroxy alcohol in liquid form, also known as "glycerol".

It is a slightly sweet, non-toxic liquid. It mixes with water and alcohol; It dissolves in acetone.

In medical glycerin diabetes, it is also used as a sugar with ointments applied externally to the skin.

It is also used in making dynamite. Dynamite can be made by combining with trinitroglycerin and nitric acid.

It is used only in making Nitro glycerin, which is very strong when combined with nitric acid.

türkiyede gliserin - turkey gliserol - turkey glycerin


Glycerin is an organic compound that consists of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. It was first discovered in 1779 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Although he says that alcohol is a substance, he stated that he named this substance glycerin because of its sweet and sweet taste. ...

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Tahini is the liquid and oil form of sesame seed which is obtained by crushing and processing of the sesame seeds.

Tahini is very rich in vitamin B, C and E. It is a very healthy edible oil which prevents the deformation of body cells, enables recovery of bruises easily, prevents cancer and arteriosclerosis, enhance the skin beauty and makes the immune system stronger.

It also protects the body against effects of toxic materials produced by drugs, radiation and heavy metals taken into body.


Halva is a product which is obtained by mixing tahina and semi-caramelized sugar. Tahina halva does not increase cholesterol, ...

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Food Industry Products

Dairy Products:

These products are the ones which are obtained by drying of milk and whey without damaging their nutritional values. ...

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